MYUBERLIFE empowers relentlessly beautiful ideas, individuals, brands and companies.

Based in NYC and operating globally, we are your full service business consultancy and creative agency, providing cultural insights, strategies, execution, and business tools to grow your business. Our expertise is in creating business value at the intersection of your ideas, culture, community and commerce. 


Business Consulting | Successful businesses need to consider the following elements: Culture Spotting & Ideation + Strategy Development + Business Development & Management + Branding + Product Development + Marketing & PR + Sales & Distribution + Finance & Investors Relations + Technology + Legal.

Our consulting style analyzes these business elements and the cultural zeitgeist. We evaluate your business needs while investigating the cultural phenomenon that matter to your customers through the lenses of fashion, music, art, design, consumer goods, politics, popular culture, emerging culture, and other enigmatic trends. Using this process, we provide you with business solutions and business opportunities. 


Business Education | Our #CREATIVEBIZ Coaching, Workshops, Lectures, and Case Studies offer insights to you, the creative and business community. Our business educational programs will empower you to become more informed, strategic, committed, conscious, and relentless about manifesting your ideas. We will motivate you to 'be a wolf about your dream' as well as teach you business.  


Creative Agency & Execution | Ideas and projects must be activated strategically and creatively in order to be successful. We provide you with ideas, creative direction, management, partnerships, activations, the #MULFMAB talent network and other resources to amplify your ideas, meet your creative needs and push your project to completion.   




We the Wolves dispel the myth that creativity and commerce cannot coexist; creative people can be business minded and business people can have a creative spirit. We the Wolves believe creative people, brands, and companies can to do good and make a profit. 


MYUBERLIFE understands that we must push past this myth to deliver ideas to the world. We know in order to create effective change in our communities, ideas need to succeed both culturally and commercially. We know successful ideas are built on cultural and business systems – at #MULFMAB we offer these systems to you and your ideas in-order to make the world a better place.  


#MULFMAB Consulting Clients, Partners & Wolves...