These are the list of services that will help empower you on your journey to greatness


Our process audits and analyzes your business to provide you with insight and strategy to grow your business and meet your organizational needs.


1st Step - Auditing

We look at the business as a living organism, much like a body that is made up of key organs with core functions. If one organ is not functioning, the entire system can break down.  Our approach is to conduct an audit of the entire business and do a 'check up.' During this process, we uncover areas that can be fixed. Below are the key 'organs' and functions that we audit: 

  • Your Objectives and Goals

  • Your Culture. Your Customer's Culture

  • Your Business Model

  • Your Brand and Positioning

  • Your Marketing and Communication

  • Your Sales & Distribution

  • Your Customers Service and Retention

  • Your Management Structure and Internal Operations

  • Your Human Resources and Value Creation

  • Your Key Partnerships

  • Your Products & Services

  • Your Finances 

  • Your Legal

  • Your Creative

  • Your Technology

  • Your Top 3 Competitors

2nd Step - Remedies

After our audit [remaining in the analogy of the human body], we identify ailments or areas of improvement, and then propose 'medicine' aka solutions that will get your business healthy. 

3rd Step - Formulate Strategy & Plan

Once 'medicine' aka solutions have been proposed, we use an iterative and collaborative process to formulate a strategy. We work in harmony with you to come up with the best way forward.  

4th Step - Management & Execution

After the strategy is in place, we manage and execute the plan through our agency, or we facilitate a relationship with the best specialists for the job. Please scroll down for more detail on our agency services.


Agency Services



Culture Mapping / Cultural Insights / Trend Forecasting & Analysis


Branding & Positioning 

Identity Development / Brand Touchpoints


Marketing & Communication 

Market Entry & Go-to-Market / Programs & Event Marketing / A/B Testing / End-to-End AdOps / Partnerships, Collaborations & Cross Marketing Initiatives / Influencer Outreach / Public Relations  / Media Training & Communication Etiquette / Measurement & Analysis / Seeding / Content Development / Storytelling / Copywriting & Copyediting / Distribution / Campaigns / Influencer Partnering / Marketing presentations

Sales & Distribution 

Sales Pitch Support / Sales Presentations / Sales Agreement Negotiation / Sales Funnel Optimization / Fulfillment & Value Delivery

Customer Service & Retention

Customer Relationship Management

Management Structure & Internal Operations

Business Modeling / Competitive Analysis / SWOT Analysis / Systems Analysis & Development / Organization Chart Development

Human Resources & Value Creation

Hiring & Team Development / Company Culture Development

Key Partners

3rd Party Sourcing

Products & Services

Product Development & Growth / International & US Production Sourcing & Liaison 


Financial Planning / Revenue Generation / Book Keeping / Accounting / Tax / Investor Relations / Company Valuation 

Business Law 

Business Formation / Contract Drafting  / Contract Negotiations / Arbitration Agreements / Trademarks & Copyrights /H1 - Work Visa / Litigation / Labor & Employment  / Tax 



Creative Direction / Art Direction & Production / Visual Storytelling / Graphics (Digital & Print) / Filmmaking & Video Production / Photography / Post Production



Web Development / App Development / App Prototyping / Graphic Design / SEO & SEM Optimization


In addition to our consulting services, and in the spirit of teaching, we provide educational programs designed to inform, encourage and empower creatives, entrepreneurs, executives and companies to achieve greatness in the 21st century. 

Below is a list of educational services we provide: 

Advisory / Performance Coaching / Business Coaching /  'Business of Culture' Coaching / Mentoring / Career Guidance / Workshops / Cirriculums /  Lectures / Business Case Studies / Culture Studies

Our services are designed to improve your systems, educate your team, inspire action, and deliver results.

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